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off and on season training to improve your game.

Gritworks Athletics is an elite training facility for athletes who want to reach their full potential. For those who've reached the highest levels, Gritworks specializes in taking athletes through systematic and planned training to help them reach their full potential.


Now is the time

Did you know that as of 2017 Nearly 30 million golfers took to the course and over 25 percent of those people dealt with Lower Back Pain (LBP) — the number 1 injury in golf. 8 times your bodyweight is compressed into your spine at impact of the golf swing. Golfers can pose a significant risk to Thoracic Spine Dysfunction due to overuse and poor spine stabilization. Exercise can be an immediate help to take care of these problems.

Golf specific training can help increase club head speed, reduce injuries, improve core strength, mobility in all joints, improve stability, and drastically change ones quality of life. Get in this offseason and lets take your game to the next level!

athlete training

Each athlete at Gritworks goes through a comprehensive movement screening to objectively assess how you execute the dynamic movements of your sports. Once we have a better understanding of how your body functions, we prescribe programs in a group training setting to correct bio-mechanical faults and make improvements relevant to your sport.

curated nutrition

We believe that nutrition is one of the most essential components of athletic performance. We will coach you on proper eating habits and teach you about sound nutrition. The key to your success as an athlete, or whatever goal you want to achieve physically, is combining sensible eating habits with a training program.

focused MINDSET

At the heart of Gritworks' training methodology is the equation P=FxV or Power = Force multiplied by Velocity. But Gritworks is not just about strength of body but strength of mind. To be a great athlete you have to have a great mindset. Mindset is how we develop tenacity, courage, will, passion, focus and perseverance. When the mind and body are engaged at this level you find true, unstoppable power.



reach your full potential in golf


Steve Anderson
Co-Owner and Founder

With a B.S. in Exercise Science: Biomechanics, Steve has a respectfully a low digit handicap player himself. His approach will dissect the golf swing, detect muscular imbalances, and give golfers the tools they need to improve their game.


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For possible discount rates on personalized sessions, contact your local Country Club or Golf Pro to see if they are in our affiliate program. 

Get in this offseason and take your game to the next level.