Did you know that an estimated, 90% of runners miss time each year due to an injury, typically around the hip, knee and foot. Many runners have blamed increased mileage, excess body weight, over-striding, modern running shoes, going barefoot, diet, and rough pavement or trails. What runners and all endurance athletes, including swimming, cycling, rowing, skiing and many others must not avoid in their training programs is strength training.

Strength training can help prevent injuries, lose fat, improve endurance, increase metabolism, and also provides many added health benefits. The following will give more insight into the benefits and importance of a well-designed strength and conditioning plan.


Get faster

  • Strength training will make you faster whether you’re a short distance (800 meters to a mile) or a long distance runner (half/full marathons) strength training will increase leg strength and improve the bodies use of energy and oxygen. Using oxygen efficiently is measured by V02 max, or maximal oxygen uptake. Simply put if you can decrease the amount of oxygen needed to run at a certain speed, you’ll be able to sustain a fast pace for longer.

Have a better final kick

  • Increasing strength through a program will give you the ability to generate more force production from the ground as you run. Combined with better running economy and the ability to use energy more efficiently, you will have an increased final kick. Slow fatiguing muscle fibers will also become more available to assist in this power and speed improvement.  

Prevent Injury

  • A well-designed program will address all past and present injuries and create a plan to uncover the root of the problem. It will also help correct structural imbalances that increase injury risk and lead to improper motor patterns. 

Here at Gritworks Athletics we begin with a consultation to see what goals you have as an athlete and create a plan to reach those goals. Your program then begins with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which is a blueprint to the success of our athletes. The screening process is designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicators of potential injury risks and inefficient movement that results in decreased performance as well as a comprehensive assessment where body measurements, strength and endurance and a full biomechanical analysis are done. 

We have options available in our private and semi private training options to give each individual a workout that is catered to the needs of the athlete. 

Gritworks is here to help you reach your full potential and tackle that lofty goal whatever that may be! Sign up for your FREE consultation today.


"Despite racing in some of the most elite races in the US, I constantly struggled with injury. In the year and a half before I found Grit Works, I spent more time injured than training and was hardly able to race. My left side was weaker than my right, my core muscles were not activated despite 9 months of physical therapy, my mobility and stability was almost none-existent despite hours of yoga and Pilates, and I was at the heaviest weight of my life. I was a mess athletically. Then I started working out at Grit Works. I very quickly started to notice everything changing for the better. My mobility increased and I could go deeper into my lifts. My strength went up and my weight went down. My core was strengthened and I stopped getting constant side aches. I began training hard again and was able to get back to racing. I am now training for my next marathon and incredibly excited to race hard. Gritworks will be a critical component to my training.” - Kristen Schafer 


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